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    Aion and Dragonball MMOs


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    Aion and Dragonball MMOs Empty Aion and Dragonball MMOs

    Post  Siah on Fri Sep 25, 2009 4:59 am


    I'm to try Aion next weekend. So far I've heard that its an excellent game but... there's still alot of grinding when one reaches lvl 20+. I hear that its alot like PW when the quests run out.

    Also, a friend told me that there are tattoos and scars that can be put onto characters as part of customisation and when I showed screenshots of PW, I was told that the customisation for Aion is far superior. So I went to IGN...

    I can't wait!

    Now... there's a new Dragonball MMO coming out. Its in beta testing in Korea. I have no idea what the English website is nor do I know where or when it will be released in English.

    The Korean website is:

    I do know that its very cartoony, to keep in line with the manga. And that there is little customisation with the characters. If anyone knows an online Korean translator please lt me know so I can at least try and peruse the site.

    There will be the typical IMVU element by way of marriages. Having children is also allowed where the children will apparently inherit the skills and training of the parents to make more powerful characters. Oh, and the PvP is basically a must. It cannot be played without it as that's quintessentially what this MMO will be about. Well that's all I know atm, so if anyone else hears of anything, let me know please.

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