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    Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!!


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    Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!! Empty Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!!

    Post  Siah on Fri May 29, 2009 1:22 am

    Name Siah [deceased]
    Class Neo Species
    Sub-class Visionary Brawler
    Territory The Brink
    Physical Description Tall, Sculpted, Lean, Black hair, Brown eyes, Tan (sun-burned) complexion, Smiles widely and honestly.
    Personality Description Siah despises all Historians barring Scientists and Doctors. He appreciateds the persuit of science and the medical profession. He travels frequently to The Grunge, where he speaks future truths to his fellow Neo Specians. He doesn't like nor trust the rogues, but they are human too and deserve a fighting chance just like everyone else. Siah has often liaised with colonists at Ground Zero Base, more the Science-oriented individuals than the grunts and aggressive Historians. If someone is scientifically inclined... expect Siah to be less suspicious of them. He's no scientist, but appreciates intellect over mainpulation anyday.
    Mutant Ability Description Siah can see fantastic things in his dreams and often sees powerful visions of things to come. Lately something has stirred within him allowing him to actually force visions upon himself more and more frequently. He is able to speak with people telepathically, he cannot receive thoughts from people so the commiunication is one way and not in anyway mind-controlling. His only offensive ability - hardly ever used for offense - Is telekinesis. He can lift a man into the air and throw him to the ground with great force. He cannot sustain any object larger than himself however. He can hold objects half his weight and size for up to 20 minutes. And an object his weight and size for 5 minutes. He can lift massive objects, but these will certinly be on a case-by-case basis and not for very long.
    Character Introduction Siah travels constantly between settlements and is known by many Neo Specians and Historians alike. He has no real hatred to ayone other than war-mongerers and conniving (corrupt)Leaders. He's always hooking up with a group of sorts and rarely travels alone - he's not a fighter, but a prophet and guide. He can be anywhere he needs to be to get thigs started, really. He's usually at his home in The Brink when not travelling, and does a lot of fortune-telling for a small income (or for free if there is a worthy cause just around the corner for the individual in question).

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    Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!! Empty Re: Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!!

    Post  Rivkah on Fri May 29, 2009 7:59 am

    Major, major brownie points for creativity! And your description of the classes was well-done, Ariah Smile Your description of the politician class made me laugh out loud xD Should be fun ^^

    Name – Pyra

    Class – Neo-Species

    Sub-class – Psychic Warrior (pyrokines primarily, though her power over fire branches off into other psychic areas, giving her a pretty broad base of psychic powers – a better explanation in Mutant Ability section)

    Territory – The Grunge

    Physical Description – Pyra largely looks like a normal human being, unaltered by nuclear exposure. She is 26, and has a thin, athletic build from her life in the Grunge. She prides herself on being able to handle herself physically with the Rogues and occasional Brawlers in the area. She’s fairly tall for a female at 5’8’’. Her hair is waist-length and jet-black, usually tied back to be out of her way, and her eyes, too, are like pools of onyx. When she feels strong emotions, however – especially negative emotions, like anger, frustration, jealousy, or pain – her eyes fill with fire, and her hair can literally turn into flames. Fortunately, her genes also gave her skin that is unbothered by her own flames (though the same can not be said of any unfortunate rogues who test her anger).

    Personality Description
    – Pyra is fiercely independent. She has always had to care for herself, as her father disappeared when she was quite young, immediately after the death of her mother. She believes she had a younger brother, but cannot remember much of her early life, and so cannot say what would have become of him. Pyra is not even her birth name, but as she does not recall what she was once called, she refers to herself by her power. She feels responsible for her mother’s death and, therefore, for her father’s abandonment of her, and that drives her desire to better herself physically and emotionally. She has to battle to control her power over fire when she is angered, but she is getting better at it. She does not remember the circumstances under which she first came to live in The Grunge, only that her family at one time lived in The Brink. She resists the idea of trying at life with Neo-Species society as a whole, as she does not consider her powers fully under control and furthermore has enjoyed her independence too much to really like the idea of having to accept aid and companionship from neighbors. She enjoys the hierarchy of The Grunge, where power and strength rule instead of the politics and ideals that she imagines rule The Brink society.

    Mutant Ability Description – Basically, all manner of control over fire. She can both manipulate existing flame, and create her own (though her control is considerably lessened when angry). Her psychic power is pretty extensive, but relates entirely to fire-related things. For example, if she were to come across an abandoned camp site, she’d be able to tell precisely how old it was by how long the camp fire had been burning, as well as a few details about who and what had come into contact with the fire. She can read the thoughts of other pyrokinetics pretty easily, and if something has been exposed to any sort of flame she can read into that person or object. She can also read the more fiery aspects of people (so she finds that her psychic abilities are more reliable with people who are angry or defensive than with people who are calm).

    Character Introduction – Pyra sat underneath a broad-limbed tree, her dark clothes and hair making her practically invisible in the deep shadows beneath the feathery boughs. This was one of her favourite trees to relax under, because it provided excellent cover through the blanket of feathers that served as leaves and because its natural plumage made it wonderfully flammable should anybody decide to come pose a danger to her at her moments of repose. She leaned against the thick trunk and watched a squabbling rogue couple about ten feet away completely unaware of her presence.

    “I’m telling you, I didn’t leave it in the lake,” the female was saying, a thin woman with pupil-less eyes. Her irises were large and brown. “No one goes into the lake these days. The shark mutants have completely taken it over.” The brown that filled her eyes reddened into mahogany, and Pyra knew things could turn ugly fast. The ones with no pupils had formidable strength, and she didn’t want to be in the vicinity if things, or people, were going to be thrown. “I don’t know what such you’d want with such a worthless trinket, anyway.” Pyra knew she was lying, and that the woman didn’t care. She also knew that rabid shark mutants wouldn’t keep a determined rogue out of the lake, in reality.

    “It doesn’t matter what it was worth, that was mine!” Thorns started to bubble out of the skin of the male, first erupting down his back like an external spinal cord, and then extending down his arms and legs to protrude in formidable spikes on his elbows and knees. But Pyra wasn’t worried, because this one’s power was wood-based, and wood burned. Very easily.

    “Well, then,” the woman with reddening irises said, “why don’t you just march into the Brink of society,” she said giving the name of the neo-species city a derisive lilt, “and nab yourself another one? I hear they have mutants over there who specialize in making worthless junk! Maybe you can go back to your precious brother and have him melt you a new one, with all that power over flames you say he has!”

    At that, the thorned rogue became angered beyond words, and the two engaged in a violent tussle. Pyra watched warily and thought. She had never heard of such a thing- a rogue, living out here on the fringes of civilization and sometimes beyond the point of civilization, having tangible ties to the city? It was intriguing. Perhaps this one had not been affected strongly by the radiation, and had the reason driven from him, until after he’d grown old enough to establish a life in the city? It wasn’t something she’d heard of before. But more interesting still was the idea of another Pyrokinetic living in the area. She’d only come across one or two others who had some powers over fire as she did, and she had enjoyed reading their thoughts and learning from their experiences. She survived among the emotionally unstable and reasonless rogues by keeping her wits sharp and learning as much as she could about her powers and the environment, and she relished the thought of taking in the knowledge of someone else who had powers like her.

    But… he was in The Brink. Pyra went there sparingly when she needed supplies that simply could not be had out in the barren Grunge, or when the entire area erupted into brawler fights and it was safest to remove herself for a few nights. But she never enjoyed it. Perhaps it would be worth it, though, to learn from another Pyrokinetic. She’d consider it at least, she decided, as she got up to take her silent leave of the two fighting rogues just outside the feathery reaches of her tree. Sure enough, a few seconds after she brushed her way through low-hanging feathers, she heard the incredible thud of the male being thrown into the spot where she’d been leaning against the trunk.

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    Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!! Empty Re: Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!!

    Post  Ariah on Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:14 am

    Name: Ariah Makhi

    Class: Neo Species

    Sub-class: Primary-Visionary / Secondary-Psychic Warrior

    Territory: The Brink

    Physical Description: Violet Hair, usually kept tied in a half knot on top of her head with half the length of her hair falling down by her ears. Eyes are blue with a light violet ring around the pupil. Around the outside of her eyes her veins stick out profoundly (kind of like when Neji and Hinata do the Byakugan on Naruto). Ariah is 5'4" and 120 pounds, very thin and agile. Skin is also tanned, but violet lines can be seen where all her veins would normally look bluish through the skin, although its much, much more noticeable.

    Personality Description: Generally kindhearted and sweet to everyone, unless you make her angry. When angry her temper is violent and things usually get thrown, including people, so don't make her angry. Ariah likes to study people, so her intuition can often be confused with telepathy or mind reading, however these are not her abilities. Ariah is peaceful and usually only uses her telekinetic power to aide her and others in daily activities. Sometimes she wanders off away from everyone so that she can test her abilities since she like to explore everything that she can.

    Mutant Ability Description: As a visionary, she is able to see glimpses of the future. Unfortunately the future is always changing, even the smallest things can change it. Even knowing the future can change it, so she does not try to have visions to gain knowledge, but they come to her at random times for random reasons. As a Psychic Warrior she is telekinetic, which is the ability to move objects no matter the size, including living beings. The true extent of her telekinetic power is unknown. Friends have told her that when her emotions become extreme she seems to become another person and her powers are magnified to a terrifying extreme, as is the case with most psychic powers. Unfortunately Ariah does not remember the details of any of these incidents, as she always blacks out and wakes up hours later, or so say those who've witnessed it.
    Character Introduction:

    Ariah sat cross legged on the ground in the town center, watching children play with broken ruins of the ancient city. She wondered at the marvel that the world must have been before the apocalypse. She knew very little of that world but knew it must have been amazing.

    Thinking of the legends that she had been told as a child, she began to levitate slightly off the ground, steadily raising until she was about a foot above ground. This usually happened when she day dreamed.

    Hearing footsteps behind her, she gently plopped back onto the ground, her violet hair bouncing every which way as she did so. Turning to see who was approaching she saw several of her friends coming towards her, all of them looking excited about something that they were probably about to tell her of.

    Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!! Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!! Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!! Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!! Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!! Retribution Character Sheets Here Please!!

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