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    Cleric Guide


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    Cleric Guide

    Post  Ariah on Sat Jun 20, 2009 3:59 pm

    Written by Discipline on Salvation Forums:

    Here's some info on a full support cleric.

    First of all, you need to determine what kind of build you will be running on your character. Pure MAG builds have the best heals and damage, however are very fragile. Pure VIT builds have better survivability, but their heals are considerably weaker. And there is of course, everything in between. I would not recommend a heavy/robe hybrid or a light armour cleric, since the bonuses to a clerics pdef isn't worth it, unlike a wizard. If you do decide to run a low HP character, you will need very good gear at higher levels to stay alive; this doesn't only apply to PvP, but to AoE bosses as well. I know in TT 2-3 robe clerics and venos need at least 4k HP unbuffed in order to stay alive for the final boss.
    The base minimum requirements for and arcane robe cleric are:
    +0.5 STR/lvl
    +3 MAG/lvl

    As for skills, I recommend for you to max at least plume shot and great cyclone in the attack tree. You will find it very difficult to solo anything without these. Buffs and heals are your main priority, so next in line to max would be ironheart; this will be your main soft heal for the remainder of the game. Next would be your buffs; maxing Spirit's Gift is very important, as it enhances the effectiveness of your heals as well as your damage output. Vanguard and Magic Shell should be invested in and maxed eventually, as well. Celestial Guardian is a decent buff, but it comes at a pretty steep cost. Only max this after your other skills are maxed... also, if someone is using powders, don't cast this on them as your measly +10HP/+10MP recovery will override their +50/+100 HP/MP recovery powders. Your group heal, Soon, the Light is a decent spell that you should invest at least a few points into. Regeneration Aura is mandatory for many TT runs, as it is for zhenning. Make sure you have an MP charm if you plan to use this skill for extended periods of time.

    For info on an attack cleric please refer to the following link. All info in this link is accredited to Cayeon.


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