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    Posted: Forum Rules [Read This Before Posting]


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    Posted: Forum Rules [Read This Before Posting] Empty Posted: Forum Rules [Read This Before Posting]

    Post  Admin on Sat May 16, 2009 6:19 am

    Awe man, there's rules?!

    Yes there's rules. Any site like this that expects to have a large amount of frequent users must have rules in their forums in order to avoid chaos and to try to keep everyone happy. So chill. The rules aren't that bad.

    1. No flaming or trolling. Be respectful towards others. It's ok to disagree, but please try to do it with dignity. Warnings will be issued for flaming. Repeated flaming will result in being banned. Trolling is not tolerated and those found guilty will be banned immediately.

    2. As a follow up to rule 1, do not deliberately phrase a response in a way that is antagonistic and tempts anyone to respond with flaming. That is not the way to play fair or to maintain your own dignity. It only makes people hate you and we don't want people like that here to spoil the fun for everyone else.

    3. Do not harass moderators or DJ's. If you can't respect the people who are trying to entertain you, then you can take your attitude somewhere else. It's just that simple, everyone likes people who play nice.

    4. No backseat moderating. Our moderators are perfectly capable of doing their job, that's why they have the position instead of you or someone else. Suggestions are always welcome, but flat out telling us how to run our forums is not.

    5. Do not make false complaints or accusations about anyone.

    6. For your own safety, please do not exchange real life names, addresses or phone numbers in the public forums. If you wish to exchange information, please keep it in PM's to the people who are meant to see it. Posts with this kind of information will be deleted in order to protect all forum users, even if you post it as a joke and say it's not real information. It is absolutely unsafe behavior whether it is real information or not. You might accidentally post a phone number that belongs to someone across the globe, or right next door to you. Just don't do it. Anyone who does will be banned.

    Now with all that said, go have some fun and raise the roof. Turn the music up, get your game on, and jump into some great conversation. Don't worry, there's plenty of other things to do around here if you don't want to do any of that stuff.

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