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    How To Enter the Fave5 Drawing!


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    How To Enter the Fave5 Drawing!

    Post  Ariah on Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:22 am


    Are you a serious gamer? Would you go so far as to call yourself a game-aholic? Well don't be ashamed if you are. Around here we reward you serious gamers. Being a Game-Aholic usually means that you have some favorite music that you game to. So I, Ariah, will play your favorite five songs for you if you win!

    Every Saturday night on The Ambiguous Hour, Ariah will put everyone's Fave5 into a drawing and randomly choose someone's Fave5 to play. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on this forum to make sure that I have everyone's Fave5 songs available.

    Whenever your Fave5 is played, you may not be eligible for a Fave5 drawing for the following 2 weeks. This way everyone has a pretty fair chance at having their Fave5 picked. Once you are eligible for the drawing after the two weeks, you may list another Fave5 set here.

    So here's what you do:

    1. Post in the 'Game-Aholic Confessions' topic and tell us what makes you a Game-Aholic.
    2. Then go to the 'Post Your Fave5 Here topic and post your top 5 favorite songs and hope that you win!
    3. You must re-post your Fave5 every week to be eligible for the drawing each Saturday, you can choose the same Fave5 or a different Fave5, it's up to you. Each Sunday starts a new week. So for example, if you post on a Monday you will be eligible for the drawing that Saturday, but if you don't post again during the next week, you won't be eligible for the drawing for the next Saturday.

    To hear your Fave5 played on GCR, you need to tune into The Ambiguous Hour, hosted by Ariah, on Saturday and Sunday nights from 10:00pm - 2:00am Central Standard Time. (Fave5 drawing is only on Saturday nights at midnight.)

    The only catch is this: You are only eligible to play at all if you have replied to this topic to tell us what makes you a Game-Aholic.

    Alright now that you know how the game works, go on and play!


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