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    Australia pics


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    Australia pics

    Post  Rivkah on Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:41 am

    Hey all, it's great to be back home and able to see y'all more often again! I mished you guys Sad

    anyways, here's my MySpace link, where I have posted some pictures: riv's myspace linky

    I've been busy running errands and unpacking and boring stuff like that so I haven't put any pictures of Sydney up yet - I don't have many of those, though, so the Cairns album has the bulk of the pics. I'll probably get some up on my album on the Salv forum, too, just to show the non-myspace folks one or two of the cooler pictures ^^

    and omg, I got online soon as we got back and clicked "posts since last visit" and saw like ten million posts to go read! I'll have to get to catching up with you goobers tomorrow, probably.

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