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    Overview of the role of each class in PW


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    Overview of the role of each class in PW

    Post  Ariah on Sat Jun 20, 2009 4:04 pm

    Written by Discipline in Salvation Forums:

    Stun AOE (AOE = Area of Effect) is helpful to everyone on your team. This is why most BMs are axe. Spear BMs excel at ranged, piercing attacks, and are very well suited for PvP, but not so much in PvE (sound familar?) Sword BMs are sort of a compromise between PvP and PvE, although they do get a really awesome skill - Flash, which can be worth it in itself.

    No matter which element you specialize in, you will be dealing massive amounts of damage to anyone with low resistances. This will usually be Barbarians and Blademasters. As a wizard, you most likely have low physical defense and low life, so it is best to stay behind almost everyone and deal damage from afar.

    The PvP class. Able to deal both high magical (metal) damage and devastating physical damage, combined with the best range in the game is a recipe for death to your enemies. An archer is an arcane robe wearers worst nightmare. Archers out-range both clerics and wizards, so can be readily picked off in short order. Barbarians and clerics should not be taken lightly, as the sheer life of barbarians will be enough to break through lines to attack you, and clerics have plume shell which can make them virtually invulnerable to physical damage for 20 seconds at a time. High damage clerics will be able to 1-hit most archers, so beware of that as well.

    Although healing is what you might be doing most often, keeping an eye on the battle and your surroundings is very important as well. A well-placed tempest and can wipe out a large number of BMs or Archers. Also, clerics can deal massive damage, because their magical resistance is very high, and plums shot is a physical attack. Reviving is not something you'll be doing often unless the dead person is behind the lines. If you use valuable time to revive someone rather than healing someone else, it is very likely that more people will end up dead.

    The strongest barbarians get the duty of pulling catapults and charging into enemy lines. Although not known as DDs, at higher levels, barbarians will be able to kill any character 1 vs 1. Since catapults have less range than towers, they need to tank the hits from the towers while the catapults destroy the towers. Humanoid skills are more PvP oriented in general, until you get either Demon or Sage cultivation.

    Able to solo Temple of Twilight and in so doing makes a tonne of cash! In PvP however, Venos concentrate on their debuffs. These will help your team immensely, especially vs enemy barbs and BMs who are able to tank quite a bit. Venos in wolf form are not as effective, since their effectiveness as a melee class is not as high as barbarians or BMs.

    NB There are obviously many variations to classes, this is just the most common you may find. A huge difference in PvP is that high damage doesn't aggro (although it would be hilarious if it did), although it is usually easy to point out the DDs (like that archer casting barrage of arrows... hmm...)


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